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Differences between Touchscreen Devices and Desktop Computers

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Log of Changes

  1. The system is securely available on the internet, and members can (re)generate new passwords for themselves.
  2. Members only have to identify themselves once when registering for a trip. Required additional information only has to be entered when it changes from previous or default entries.
  3. Required information has to be provided as a prerequisite for trip registration.
  4. Any member is able to register a new trip, however every trip has to be sanctioned by an official.
  5. Designated club officials have reserved access that allows maintenance of the system.
  6. Hovering the mouse pointer over command icons pops up a hint of what the command does. (unfortunately this does not work on touchscreen devices like iPhones etc)

Instructions for New Members

Welcome to the Club.

Key information about using our "Trips" system may be found by following these links

How to Log-in
How to Get a New Password
How to Get on a Trip List
Differences between Touchscreen Devices and Desktop Computers
FAQ (frequently asked questions)

After you have logged in you should check your Membership Directory entry -

Click on your name near the top left, along side "Logged in as".  A summary of your entry will appear.  Click on theEdit your directory entry button to see the full entry and to make any changes.  Remember to click on the
Save changes button to make your changes stick.

In particular we need you to fill out -
Ensure that these fields are filled out correctly.  This information will be included when you register for a trip, however you can alter it on a per trip basis leaving the default information in your directory entry unaltered.

*The emergency contact phone numbers need to be of a person or persons who will not be on the trip and know personal and/or medical information about you that may be needed in an emergency.

How to Log-in
To Login:
  1. Enter your Membership number,
  2. Enter your Password,
  3. Click on the "Login" button.

How to Get a New Password


Differences between Touch Screen Devices and Desktop Computers

Command icons (or buttons) at the bottom of each page, and alongside member entries in trip lists, are used to execute commands.

On a touch screen device like a smartphone or tablet, by default the first time these icons are touched a speech bubble appears containing a short description of what the command will do. The second time the same icon is touched its command is executed.

On a desktop computer or laptop with a mouse, by default when the pointer is positioned (hovered) over the icon the speech bubble appears and when the icon is clicked its command is executed.

These speech bubbles or hints can be turned off using the turn hints off button on the first page, or turned back on again using the turn hints on button.  This change is remembered between logins.

The Frontpage

This is the initial page that appears after successfully logging on. Click on a title to go to that Page.
Information and help opens this help/information page at the relevant section
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only
Turn hints off turns hints off or   Turn hints on turns hints on.

Current Trips page

The current list of trips with firm dates appears in chronological order of departure.
Information and help opens this help/information page.
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Back to the Trips List page goes to the opening front page
go to the previous pagegoes to the previous page.
A printable copyopens a page of the list of trips suitable for printing.
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only.
Turn viewing of marker trips off turns veiwing of marker trips off, or Turn veiwing of marler trips on on.
Creates a new Triplist opens a form to create a new trip. Trips are sanctioned by the Trip co-ordinator at a later date.

Trip Ideas page

Lists trips with dates set to TBA.  These are ether trips created as suggestions to be cloned so that real trips may be created, or trips someone is still planing.

Otherwise details of this page as as for the Current Trips page.

Past Trips page

Lists trips that have returned.

Otherwise details of this page as as for the Current Trips page.

Trip Detail Pages

When a trip title is clicked from within the Current Trips, Trip Ideas, or Past Trips pages, a "trip details" page for that trip is opened.

Click the name of any participant to see their contact details.

Alongside the entry for a participant the following command icons may appear:

Remove participant from the trip list Remove the participant from the trip list. They can only rejoin at the end of the list.
Add a member passenger for the participant Add a Member Passenger for the participant.
Change to Partners name Change the participant name to the Members' Partners'.

At  the bottom of the page buttons to manage the trip entry appear depending on whether you are the trip leader, a participant, or a club official:

Information and help opens this help/information page at the relevant section.
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Back to the Trips List pagegoes to the opening front page.
go to the previous pagegoes to the previous page.
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only.
Create a questionaire for this tripCreate a questionnaire for this trip. Available to Trip Leaders and Officials.
Make a copy of the Trip, without participants and dates.Clones the Trip.  The Cloner becomes the Leader, dates are "TBA", the new trip will appear under Trip Ideas from the front page.
Email members on the trip. Email all trip participants.
Change the trip leaderChange the trip leader.
Select a Ground Charlie Select a Member as the Ground Charlie (a contact not on the trip).
A printable copy a printable trip list suitable for club meetings.
printable trip list with ICE phone numbers a confidential printable trip list containing the ICE phone numbers.
Remove the Trip LeaderRemove the Trip Leader, Participants and dates.  Change the dates to "TBA" first.  The trip is changed to a template and will be listed under Trip Ideas
Cancel the trip. Cancel the trip.
Select a trip reporterVolunteer  as the Trip Reporter for this trip.
Add other members to the trip list. Add another member to the trip list.
Add me to the trip Add yourself to the trip list.
Save any changes Update the Trip with any changes made.

If you created the trip, you are the Trip Leader.

If the trip dates are "firm", or the meeting time is "sharp", they must be meaningful dates and times respectively, otherwise they can be free form.  Almost any format is allowed for trip dates, even relative dates like "next sat" or "tomorrow" will work. Month names may be abbreviated to the first 3 characters. The day of the week is not required, the system works that out.

One of the Standard Meeting Places may be specified, these provide standard Meeting Place Directions, otherwise Meeting Place Directions must be provided.

The text boxes for Standard Meeting Place Directions will interpret HTML code, this means code provided by systems like Google Maps can be inserted to display maps etc.

How to Create a Trip

Create a New Trip from Scratch

From the Current Trips, Trip Ideas, or Past Trips page, click on the New trip button.

Fill out the Trip Details form to describe your trip.  If you set the dates to be TBA instead of Firm, the trip will be listed under the Trip Ideas page.

You must click on the Save the trip details button to save the details of your trip.

If you don't fill out sections of the form, you will be required to complete them before the trip can be "saved". 

Clone a Trip

Select at trip from the Current Trips, Trip Ideas, or Past Trips pages.  At the bottom of the page of the selected trip, click on theClone the trip button.

A new trip will be created based on the Title, Description, and its Meeting Place time and directions of the cloned trip.  Modify the details to suit your trip (as above), then click on the Save the trip details button to save the details of your trip.

How to Get on a Trip List

Select a trip from the Current Trips page.
Register for the trip by clicking on the Add me to the trip button.

You must provide additional information to complete your registration for the trip-
  1. The number of people in the vehicle.  This should only include people covered by your membership, yourself, your partner and your dependant children under 18.  Use the Add a Passenger Temporary Member command to add a member as your passenger.
  2. The Vehicle registration number.
  3. Your mobile phone number (not compulsery).
  4. The mobile phone number of an emergency contact of someone left at home.
  5. The land line phone number of an emergency contact of someone left at home.
Default values for vehicle registration number, mobile phone number, and the emergency contact mobile and land line phone numbers are taken from your directory information.  However the values may be modified  per trip.  The default values may be modified by editing your directory entry. Values for a trip may be refreshed from the default values by deleting the trip values and clicking on the updateicon.

The trip leader or officials may click on the
Add other members to the trip list. button to add other members to the list.

Emergency Contacts

These are ICE (in case of emergency) phone numbers of people not going on the trip, that know any information about your personal, health, or medical conditions that may be required in an emergency situation.
Your emergency phone numbers are only visible to yourself, the trip leader and officials.

Creating a Trip Questionnaire 

Trip leaders or officials may click on the Create a Questionnaire icon to create a questionnaire for a trip.

Questionnaires can consist of a 1 or more check boxes for "yes" or "no" answers, and/or text boxes that require text answer.

An icon made up of check boxes and/or text boxes to represent the questions will appear along side the entry for members on the trip.  The questions are answered or viewed by clicking on, or hovering over, this icon (see below).

It is only possible for members on the trip or Officials to read the answers.  The questions can be configured so that only the Trip Leader, Officials and individual participants can read their own answers, or the Trip Leader, Officials and all members on the trip can read all the the answers.

Creating a Trip Questionnaire

To add a question, check or uncheck the Active, Public, and Open attributes as required, select the question type, enter the required text for the question, then click on the green ball with a tick on it to register the question.

Answering Questionnaires

Example Questions Icon

The questionnaire icon consists of black check boxes on a grey background that are blank if the question has not been answered or a tick for "yes" or a cross for "no", and/or small text boxes showing the first characters of the answer if any.  Click on the questionnaire icon to produce the page below to answer the questions.

Answering a Questionnaire

Example Questionnaires

Scenario 1:  Traditional 4x4 weekend trips meet at a standard meeting place just out of the suburbs at 8pm, then drive in convoy to a well known camping spot for the 1st night.  Often, one or more participants will want to make their own way to the camp.

Questionnaire 1:
Questionnaire for traditional weekend 4x4 trip

Scenario 2: A social or 4x4 trip may have some costs involved, and participants may have to provide the costs inadvance.  Collection of the money will be shared by the Trip Leader and the club Treasurer, both can update the questionnaire, but trip participants can only see their own entry and not change it.

Questionnaire 2:
A social or 4x4 trip that has costs

Scenario 3:  Running  party night, you can offer people space to camp the night.

Questionnaire 3:
A party night

Scenario 4:  Running a social event, and you want to share the provision of supplies.  Initially, you want people to volunteer, but after a period you need to allocate tasks to ensure a balance of supplies.

Questionnaire 4a:
Sharing provision of supplies - part 1

About 2 weeks before the event, change the questionnaire to:

Questionnaire 4b:
Sharing provision of supplies - part 2

Members Directory Page

Members contact details may be looked up in the club directory.

Use any combination of Family Name, Members First Name, and/or the Partners Name to search the directory.  You only need enter the first characters of a name.  If multiple members match, they will all be listed and you can select the one you want.

If you leave all the search fields blank, all club members names will be listed for selection.

Look-up the club membership directory

Information and help opens this help/information page at the relevant section.
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Back to the Trips List pagegoes to the opening front page.
go to the previous pagegoes to the previous page
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only.
Reset this form reset the contents of this form.
Search the members directorylook-up the member in the club directory.
Please note:  The membership directory is now self managed.  If you notice an error in a members personal information you may inform the member themselves to get the problem resolved.

Member Contact Information Page

Personal particulars page

Financialindicates a financial member.  Can be unfinancial during grace period, unfinancial, Probationary Member, Probationary member, fees overdue, in grace period, or Expired Probationary member, depending whether the person is a full member who's dues are overdue, a lapsed/unfinancial full member, a member in their probationary period, a probationary member who's dues for full membership are overdue, or a lapsed probationary member.  Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon gives more information.
Information and helpopens this help/information page at the relevant section.
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Back to the Trips List pagegoes to the opening front page.
go to the previous pagegoes to the previous page.
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only.
Download vCard for this person Download a vCard of these particulars.
Email yourself the vCard particulars  Email yourself the vCard.
Edit your own particularsEdit the directory information. Members may edit their own entry, Some official may edit any members entry.

Editing a Members Directory Entry

Members cannot alter their

Readonly data is bordered in light grey, data that can be changed is bordered in darker grey.
Information and helpopens this help/information page at the relevant section.
Logout and go to the loggin page log out and go to the login page.
Back to the Trips List pagegoes to the opening front page.
Administration mode for officials toggles administration mode for officials only.
Save changes your membership data. Save changes.

Administration Mode

Committee members with jobs that require them to be able to edit data other than their own will see a Start Admin mode button.  Clicking on it toggles administration mode and opens a page to indicate the change of mode.
Click on theContinue button to continue.
While in administration mode a Administration mode indicator appears along side the committee members name in the "Logged in as" line at the top of pages.

Administrator mode gives a level of editing ability appropriate for the tasks the committee member needs to perform.

Membership Processing

Applications for Membership

Manages new applications for Full, Passenger Temporary, or Driver Temporary memberships.

Probationary Member Processing

For the management of the progression of the promotion of Probationary Members.

Membership Renewals

Provides for the renewal of memberships between May and July each year.

Manage Individual Membership Fees

An individual Member may be selected, then their financial status can be managed.

FWDVic Affiliation Fees

Each time a new Membership is processed, a record is kept of the fee due to FWDVic to cover the Public Liability Insurance and possibly its membership fee.  For Temporary Members and Probationary members the fee only covers the PLI.  For the promotion of Probationary Members the fee covers the remainder of the FWDVic membership fee.

"Total paid this year" is the total send to FDWVic as a result of previous use of this page.  At the start of the financial year this will be 0 (zero).

"Total nominally due for payment" is the total of fees due to be send to FWDVic since the last time this page was used to process the fees.  Its "nominal" because the actual fee may change as rules that limit* the total amount due per member are applied.

Under "Payments due to FWDVic" will be a list with an entry for each member whose FWDVic fee is due to be paid.  Any alteration of the fees due to the application of limit rules* will be indicated and the corrections shown.  The ACTUAL total amount due, and a breakdown of the relevant memberships classes are also shown.

There are 4 commands on this page.  For normal operation, only the first 2 are required:

Step 1: Download this List

Downloads a CSV formatted list of the fees due including the personal contact details required by FWDVic.  This file may be directly sent to FWDVic with the payment.

Step 2: Record these Payments as paid to FWDVic

This updates the "Total paid this year" total, and clears the "Payments due to FWDVic" list.

Download Previous Versions of this List

The CSV formatted files downloaded in Step 1 are retained.  All the files downloaded for this financial year and the previous financial year are available to be downloaded again using this command.

Zero Total, Clear Due Payments, and Rebuild

Sets the totals to 0 (zero), then builds the "Payments due to FWDVic" list based on the current membership, and sets the
"Total nominally due for payment" total, as if no fees have been paid to FWDVic this financial year.

* The limit rules are that we only pay the PLI fee once, and the subscription fee to its maximum per Member per financial year.

For example, in one financial year, a member may progress from a Passenger Temporary Member to a Driver Temporary Member to a Probationary Member.  At each stage we could "nominally" pay the PLI fee, but only need to pay it once.  If they also progress to a Full Member during that financial year we could also "nominally" pay the full subscription fee when we have already paid the PLI component.  So, we limit the total to the full annual subscription fee.

The Financial Status Field for the Membership Database

The format for the Financial Status field is:

Life Member the word "life"
Paid up Member
YYYY - the first calendar year of the financial year for which dues are paid.
For example: If dues were paid for the 2011/2012 financial year before it starts in June 2011, or after in Sept 2011 or March 2012, this would be "2011" regardless of the actual calendar year that the payment was made.
Probationary Member
YYYY MMMm... - the calendar year and month of joining.  Only the first 3 characters on the month name are required.
Passenger Temporary Member
YYYY SPONSOR - the 1st calendar year of the financial year of this membership, and the membership number of the sponsoring full member. (eg "2012 83")
Driver Temporary Member
YYYY SPONSOR TRIP1,TRIP2,TRIP3 - the 1st calendar year of the financial year of this membership, and the membership number of the sponsoring full member, and the trip numbers of the trips undertaken (eg "2012 83 103,," for a first trip [must have 2 commas even no  trip]).  If the last trip number is "-", the next trip has been paid for but not selected.
App [form | fee | both]
An Applicant being processed.  The "form" or "fee" specifies which of those items we do have and are hence waiting for the other. If "both" is present, we are just waiting on a button click to convert the application into a Probationary Member.

The format of the Date Joined field is simply the calendar year of joining, eg "2012".
On creation of a new entry, the membership number and name of the new member appears at the top of the page.

Members are financial if they are "Life" members, or the "YYYY" in the Financial Status field is the year of the first half of the current financial year, and in the case of "Driver Temporary" members, they have participated as a driver in a trip in the current financial year.

A "Driver Temporary" member cannot participate in a trip as a passenger without having payed the fee for, and participated in, a trip as a driver temporary member in the current financial year, or payed the "Passenger Temporary" membership fee for that year.

Membership Status

Lists the numbers of members in the possible financial status classes.   Clicking on the List people with this financial status icon will list the members with that financial status.

Hovering the pointer over a members name in these lists shows their phone numbers.  Clicking on their name will go to their directory entry so that their financial status field may be manually modified.


Clicking an item downloads files containing the infrmation indicated in standard CVS format, or as otherwise indicated.

Formatting the Club Directory

The file exported for the club directory is meant to be formatted so that it fits on both sides of a single sheet of A4.  Any spread sheet application should be able to import the CSV file and then format the pages using the following attributes.

Body: 10 point, sans serif (any variety).

Column Headings: 12 point, bold.

Header: “Dandenong Ranges Four Wheel Drive Club, Month Year” in 14 point, bold.

Footer: “Page # of ##”.

Conditional Formatting: Select the area not including the column headings, set conditional formatting condition formula to “iseven(row())”, set conditional formatting style background to a light blue (eg “blue 8” for open office).

Print Range: Select row 1 (Column headings) to repeat on all pages.

Page Formatting: set left and right margins to 0.5 cm, landscape orientation, shrink/expand horizontally to fit page width.


Under construction.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: My password wont work?
A: Issued passwords are known to work.  The most commonly they are mistyped because the characters "l", "I" and "1" (lowercase L, uppercase i, and number one) are mistaken, or the characters "0" and "O" (number zero and uppercase "o") are mistaken.  Check you don't have the case lock key on your keyboard depressed.

Q: I get a message that the certificate is not signed, or is not to be trusted, what do I do?
A: For this website it is safe for you to proceed and to let your browser remember that you want to trust it forever. These pages are encrypted for security requiring a certificate that is normally "signed" by a known authority to ensure authenticity. This signing costs a subscription and is not necessary when the web site operator is known to the site users.

Q: Can I select my own Password?
A:  No, the passwords are there to protect yours and other members personal details.  Experience shows that usually when people select their own passwords, they select ones that are too easily guessed.  Anyway, in most cases your browser can be made to remember the password and enter it for you, so you only have to enter it once.  You may have to turn this feature of your browser on (see below).  When you do enter your password for the first time, cut and paste it from the email.  Also, the passwords are designed so they can be pronounced this makes remembering them easier.

Q:How do I turn on password remembering and automatic entering, on my browser?
A: The following table gives some help (The first time you enter your Membership Number and Password, the browser will ask to save them, answer affirmatively.  Next time you login all you will have to do is click on the "Login" button):

Browser Instructions
Safari (iPhone, etc) In the "Settings" app, Choose "Safari" on the left.  Under "General", opposite "Autofill" choose "Names and Passwords". Opposite "Names and Passwords" move the switch on the "ON" position.
Safari (iBook, iMac, etc)
from the Safari application menu, select "Preferences".  Click on the "AutoFill" tab and ensure "User names and passwords" is ticked, Click on the "Passwords" tab and ensure "AufoFill user names and passwords" is ticked.
Firefox In the top toolbar, select "Edit", then "Preferences". Click on the "Security" icon.  Under "Passwords", check "Remember passwords for sites".  You may also want to check "Use a master password" to protect the passwords Firefox collects for you.
Google Chrome Click on the spanner at the right in the navigation tool bar. In the menu that appears click on "Preferences".  In the new tab that appears, click on "Personal Stuff" on the left.  On the right, opposite "Passwords" select "Offer to save passwords", and opposite "AutoFill" select "Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click".
Internet Explorer Click the "Tools" button, and then click "Internet Options". Click the "Content" tab. Under "AutoComplete", click "Settings". Select "User names and passwords on forms", and "Prompt me to save passwords" check boxes. [the "AutoComplete" and "Settings" buttons arrangement may be different depending on the version of IE you have - good luck]

Todo (not in any order, and probably not complete)

Some interesting suggestions not currently implemented

Changes Log
10 April 2012
Added confirmation dialog when removing oneself from a trip.
10 April 2012
New Trips field specifies which partner of a membership is running the trip.
16 April 2012
List of trips page shows which trips the member is registered for, and whether the registration is complete.
23 April 2012
Fixed bug/feature where lack of passenger numbers message scrubbed other participant detail changes.
23 April 2012
Entering Rego, Mobile, EMobile and/or Eland as participant details automatically updates the members directory entry if the field values aren't already set there.  Provides another method to set these fields in the members directory entry.  [people are not reading the manual.  "after a while it starts to hurt" :-]
25 April 2012
Trip Rego, Mobile, EMobile and/or Eland values may be refreshed from the default values stored in the members directory entry by deleting the trip value(s) and updating.
1 May 2012
Two new icons for trip leaders and officials in admin mode to provide printable trip lists.  One suitable for club meetings so that members to add themselves to trips using a pen, the other a confidential list for the trip leader containing the ICE phone numbers.
1 May 2012
Was exporting "csv" files into "vcf" files, fixed.
1 May 2012
Added export of "Club Directory" into a "csv" file.
1 May 2012
Added analysis of system usage under "History".
2 May 2012
Changed "Approved" to "Registered" for specifying sanctioned trips
2 May 2012
Removed analysis of system usage under "History".  Could be embarrassing for some people.
3 May 2012
Changed "Registered" and "Registration NOT complete" on front page to "listed to participate" and "Trip details NOT complete" to avoid confusion with trip "registration".
5 May 2012
Now have mobile WIFI system organized for Club Meetings where internet over the phone system coverage is poor.  This is a clone of the internet version available via a local WIFI network served by my laptop that I take to meetings.  While it is operating, the internet version will be shutdown until the two systems are synchronized after the meeting and the clone is subsequently shutdown.
6 May 2012
Changed "Contacts at Home" heading to "Emergency Contacts".
7 May 2012
"trip list monitor" member attribute.  Only at club meetings (mobile WIFI system), these members can add and remove anyone from trip lists.  Their membership numbers are kept in ".../data/Monitors" one per line. These members don't need to go into "Admin" mode to be able to edit trip lists.
7 May 2012
"kiosk" special member "number", available only on the web server computer, no password required, but can't change anything.
7 May 2012
Trip Limits (not compulsory).  After the limit is reached, members can still join the trip but effectively only on its waiting list.  Limits for both Vehicles (Members) and/or People, neither is compulsory.
10 May 2012
Fixed bug that prevented "Monitors" from editing trip participants details.
11 May 2012
Added confirmation dialog for "canceling" trips.
12 May 2012
Added club web site and facebook page URLs to heading.
7 June 2012
Added 'updated' fields to Trips.db and Members.db, and last logged in ('used') field to Members.db.  This enabled addition of code to stop people overwritting data accidentally and to add flags to identify trips that have been updated in the'list of trips' page. 
16 June 2012
Extended the indications for unfinancial members.  Its now very clear they are not permitted on trips.
17 August 2012
Passenger Temporary Members and Driver Temporary Members can now be included in the membership database.  Temporary members are designated as such by their "Finance" field (see  definition of Financial Status above).  Once Temporary members are in the database they can be included in trip lists by the trip leader or an official.  Current and expired temporary members can be listed using the "Dues" page.
7 October 2012
Highlighted trip entrys that are incomplete, and the fields that needs to be entered.
11 October 2012
Started implementation of Ground Charlie.  New field in Trips.db for Ground Charlie's membership number.  Ground Charlie can see emergency numbers for that trip. Cannot change GC yet except with a text editor on Trips.db.  Modified trip ratings - "4x4 hard", "4x4 medium", "4x4 easy", and "lamington".
15 October 2012
Trip lists for 'lamington' drives are treated different than for "4x4 ..." drives.  'lamington' trip lists don't have a Ground Charlie.  Vehicle registration numbers and emergency numbers are not listed for 'lamington' drives.
15 October 2012
Ground Charlie can be selected from the list of full members not participating in the trip.  For the trip leader or officials in administrator mode a "Charlie Chaplin" icon with "G.C." appears at the bottom, Click on that to select someone as Ground Charlie.  Once selected, they cannot be removed only replaced. 
23 October 2012
4x4 trips cannot be registered without a Ground Charlie specified.
1 November 2012
In the "Administration/Export" section I've reordered the lists to be exported so what I think will be used most are at the top end of the page.  I've also changed some of the names of the lists and provided and explanation about what the lists are.  The "Administration/Dues" section is now the "Administration/Membership Status" section.  For all the Probationary Member entries, their due dates are shown, and each entry has an explanatory heading.
8 November 2012
Added "Trip Reporter" field.  The Trip leader or an official can use the "Kermit Reporter" icon to select a member to be the Trip Reporter.
11 November
New Dialog for adding people to a trip.  Demands "Essential Trip Participant Data".
12 November
Administration/New Member is now Administration/Membership Processing.   The former is included in the new section.  The new section has sub-section for all membership processing tasks (not yet implemented, except for the legacy "New Member" section.
13 November
Probationary Member Processing implemented.
17 November
Mailing lists are now strictly formatted in the standard CSV format.  Should now import into all word processors/spread sheet applications that can import csv files.
17 November
Re formatted "Coming Up" so it includes Meetings and looks as is required for Traction Action.  "Coming Up" is also included in the "Export" section so that all the Traction Action resources are accessible in the one place.
7 Jan 2013
Members cannot remove them selves from trip lists within 5 days of the trip leaving.  Members cant add them selves within 2 days of the trip leaving.  Trip Leader, Ground Charlie, or Admin can make changes upto 2 days after the trip returns.
7 Jan 2013
Fixed passenger temporary member addition to trips so rego number not required.
13 Jan 2014
Many changes suring the year were not listed as they were achieved (not in order) -
"Applications for Membership" allows others to initiate new applicationsand provide details,  the Treasurer only has to confirm payment,
split "Trip Ideas" from "Current Trips",
Upload images,
"Downloads & Links",
Trip Questionnairs,
"Closes" date,
Google calendar,
Member attributes,
Passenger Temporary members fully implemented,
Probationary Member processing,
and probably others...
14 Jan 2014
Completed primary stage of "Management of Membership Fees" to handle fee payments outside of the usual due dates, including for Passenger and Driver temporary members (Financial history, and "grace period" change, yet to be implemented).  Driver temporary members can only be added to trips if they have payed.
15 Jan 2014
Financial history completed (displayed after selecting member under "Management of Membership Fees"). Ability to turn off/on display of "marker" trips under "Current Trips".
July 2014
Completed "Management of Individual Membership Fees".  All raw editing of the Financials database field disabled.
July 2014
Completed "FWDVic Affiliation Fees" page.  Keeps records of when fees are due and paid to FWDVic and provides CSV file in correct format for FWDVic.
Auguset 2014
Extensive reworking to give more emphasis to CSS.  Reworked menus, command icons and login pages to provide better access for smaller touchscreen devices.  Implemented (optional) "tooltips" for command icons.
August 2014
Preferences to view marker trips, and to see "tooltips" preferences remembered between logins.
  Peter Nankivell 2011/2012/2014